Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Pastry Puffs

The first five weeks are FINALLY over. The Assbag told us at the end of class: The teacher you hate the most is the one you learn the most from. My my head at least and on FB where she can't read it: Okay then...I learned to always be late, sit on my ass all day and text, complain like a little baby, not believe that your students can do anything right, to say one thing and do another thing...etc. Thats TOTALLY what I learned. Oh! And you should be rude enough to school your guests in good behavior *ie, if they are not using their napkin right, place it on their lap FOR them.* Yeah...she's told us to do that.

So the next five weeks is baking baking baking. Whoot! I'm excited. I want to try to rework the apple cobbler, not the flavors, just how it looks. Its going to be exciting, plus I want to play around with ice cream flavors and maybe do a dessert special if we can once a week. I wonder if Chef S would allow us to do that? I'll have to talk to him about it.

What else is going on? ITALY TRIP! I know, I haven't posted a picture of things I'm bringing. Life has been crazy hectic and I come home and sleep. I do know that I can't show Sara any more stuffed animals, because she insists that we bring them with us. We're both on the same flight over there together sitting next to eachother. Its going to be epic. I made shirts for our Pastry Puff group and I will be making two shirts that say: Pastry Puffs on Tour. We will be wearing those proudly on the plane! Hazaa!

Next week I'll have some awesome stories to tell. I love my whole group. We stuck together on the front of the house and with the assbag and we're going to be killer awesome as back of the house. WHOOT WHOOT!

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