Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Team Narwhal

Have you ever seen Elf? The Christmas movie? Well...if not, go buy it. Its awesome. In this movie they have a Narwhal that wishes Buddy the Elf goodluck while Buddy is looking for his real father. I am 28. Yes. 28. And I thought a Narwhal was some sort of Magical story character. Like a Unicorn. I was. SO. WRONG! They are totally real.

But thats not the real story. The story begins with my class. Its called A La Carte and we basically run our own restaurant back and front. I've connected with this people. We have become a family of our own. There are of course the EPIC Pastry Puff crew which I am a part of. Who do the desserts and breads and then everyone else.

I am super weird. I admit it. I have billions of stuffed animals and recently bought a Narwhal to take to Italy with my friend and fellow Puff Sara. He, along with a few other stuffed animals will be flying to Italy to learn how to cook awesome food. So I brought Blueberry *my narwhal* to school today. So he could meet everyone. Some people scoffed at him and made Unicorn jokes and others took to him as if he were their own.

So tonight I was looking on etsy and found a Narwhal pattern to make my own Narwhal. Yes. Thats right. Make your own. I am now on a journey to  make each and everyone in my class a stuffed tiny Narwhal. When I hand these cuties out we will ALL be taking a picture. Sigh. Including She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She'll get one too...but yes. So now my A La Carte class is Team Narwhal. Because we are THAT COOL!


So go Team Narwhal!

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